Four Bedroom Horrors.


Bedroom horror stories are not as unique or rare as most of us think. There are likely many causes for them, but a common cause is just the simple shyness or anxiousness of wanting to impress your partner. As a result, getting ready for a sexual encounter can be time-consuming and leave us a little apprehensive. So much so that we end up making a blunder of an otherwise steamy situation. Or even worse, completely alienating your partner or partners.

There truly is not a clear way to avoid certain missteps and somethings when looked at in hindsight are almost unavoidable. All we can pretty much do in regard to those situations is to learn and laugh. The only thing worse than a blunder is a repeat caused by obsessing over the original one. Here are -bedroom horrors we all can likely relate to.

Stained Lingerie. Yup, this ranks high on everyone’s list of I wish I were dead bedroom scenarios. Not to worry, we all have different fluids and secretions and those can lead to stained underwear. Chuck it up as a run of bad luck and try and buy lingerie in Canada specifically for the occasion to avoid the same blunder.

Ripped Lingerie. No matter how many times we watch fifty shades of grey most women can admit that ripped underwear is not as sexy as the writers and directors seem to think. At most, it’s a five-second show of passionate desire at worse its an inconsiderate act that leaves you a panty or bra short. To ease this inconvenience, use the opportunity to buy lingerie online in Canada from a shop you have been meaning to try.      Also being vocal about not liking that is a good way to ensure it doesn’t happen again, and unless your partner is truly the scum of the earth they won’t repeat it or will offer to compensate for that fetish.

Strong language. While dirty talk may be a turn on for some, it can be as sexually inducing as a cold bucket of water for others. This means that the awkward silence or stiffness that occurred after that faux pas, is a sign that it was not welcome. Make sure you to ask future partners about their feelings concerning dirty talk before you proceed to save all parties the embarrassment.

Quiffing. For those who are unaware of quiffing is essentially a vagina fart that is caused by air pressure most often from intense stroking. This noise while relatively unpleasant is nothing to be ashamed of as it is completely natural. This is unavoidable for most women as you can hardly monitor air pressure and stroke quality at the same time. Enjoy the sounds of natural pleasure and comfort yourself knowing you aren’t the only one it happens to.

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