3 health tips for wearing lingerie


Welcome lovely ladies and gentlemen to the TMZ section of the lingerie world, and what better way to make you feel welcome, or at the very least certain of where you are than this weeks topic. By now, you are probably making guesses to what it might be, so I will deflate the non-existent tension in the room by letting you know.

This week we will be exploring lingerie health guides. We all love to buy sexy lingerie occasionally, if we didn’t we likely wouldn’t be on this site but you know what isn’t sexy? A UTI. Yup. Although these are fairly common for many people and not a sign that you are dirty for lack of a better term. There are also ways to reduce the frequency of that and keep your health and the health of your lingerie in top shape.

Buying a hundred percent cotton. Yes, girls, and guys. This one goes out to all vagina owners. Regardless of gender, your lower region needs to breathe and the only material that does that to a tea is cotton. This means none of that varied percentages, you want hundred percent cotton. For those who can’t say goodbye to their favorite styles, go for panties with hundred percent cotton in the pubic area. This goes for your one-piece lingerie as well; bodysuit or teddy lingerie.

Buy it in your size. Boxers, panties, lingerie teddy, bras, or shapers. Most lingerie is designed to be form-fitting, whether they are shapers. This means the lingerie cannot do its job or create the necessary effect if it is worn in the wrong size. This is more popular with bras and shapers where there is a myth that wearing a size smaller will either make your breast look bigger or the effect of your shaper better, it like most myths is false. Not only does this decrease the shelf life of your lingerie it also leads to negative effects on your body.

And don’t forget to treat yourself with a piece of Erotic Lingerie or Elegant Lingerie coupled with a body harness fashion lingerie or body chain fashion lingerie!

Cleaning habits, while we are advised to hand wash our lingerie not many people have the time or patience for that, so a light wash is allowed in a washing machine. However, under no circumstance should your lingerie be left in a dryer, this not only because it reduces the shelf life and functionality of your lingerie but also because it is not safe, I mean it could cause a fire due to the metal bars inside.

Erotic lingerie is great and fun, and an awesome way to express oneself but health is always the sexiest state of being.

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